Zen...Is it Beachy Mexico or Earthy Bali?

This week a Client called me to come back to her home..she is ready to get another project started. It is always such an honor to be called back to continue the journey of evolving clients spaces over the years.

When we met, I realized that we had both changed, we are both in a different place which will allow us to truly enjoy the process of creating a ZEN space for her. We will be starting with the entry and main bath..then moving to the living room , dining and the kitchen...I'm looking forward to the journey...having said all that...the meeting left me with a question...what does Zen really mean.

She was very clear as to what it means to her....and it was not the usual beachy , blue and bright elements...it is warm, natural, creamy and tactile....our final inspiration word..NOURISHING! I love it..inspirations are already flowing and I am building a Pintrest page to build the inspiration and mood of the project. We are aiming for a warm and soothing energy ..

Here are some contrasts of Zen Inspirations..One is more of a Japanese/ Bali mood..the other is more Mexico or Caribbean mood.. Which one are you?

Images link to the image source.

Below are my colour and texture inspirations.. Stay tuned for more as the project progresses...