Thoughts about what it means to be a Designer.

I recently posted an image from a past job on Instagram and Facebook...I shared a solution which I had come up with for a client in an entry foyer of a condo. The client listed a number of wishes and wants, we addressed the challenges.

The solution was to design a solution which truly addressed all the concerns without any sacrifice on the part of aesthetics or harmony with the existing structure.


The response to the post was very positive and I'm glad I inspired some to think outside of the box when it comes to resolving challenges with interior spaces and everyday life..but that all made me think and ponder, 'what does it mean for me to be a Designer"?

Design to me is resolving ergonomic, spacial and lifestyle issues which people have with their environments. It means resolving problems creatively, with knowledge of what 'works' and why it is about affecting peoples' lives profoundly, improving their health, their relationships, their comfort and daily lives, it is a responsibility Not to be taken lightly. 

It all begins with how the 'designer' resolves the issues, how the solutions are attained and how they impact the users of the space....Design is not Decoration, but both disciplines must live harmoniously together.

Form follows Function..lesson one in University.