Bring a Fiddle Leaf Fig Home...

Having lived in Ghana , West Africa for 8 years, I remember having broad leafed plants at home, the giant leaves of tropica lplants are whimsical and fun while bringing an architectural element to the home...the fiddle leaf fig plant is one which brings memories of my childhood to me.

The image above was one I took while visiting the Holly Hunt showroom at the Miami Design District..look at the wonderful colour and shape it brings to the space.

As soon as I came back home to Toronto, I called a Client whom I felt would understand the need for this plant in their beautiful home. I went on a hunt for the perfect specimen and found that they are not as readily available as I'd imagined.

I visited one of my favorite gardening centers, Sheridan Nurseries in the Lawrence Park neighbourhood, and Hank who is an expert in all things to do with plants assured me that he could get me a 7 foot tree without trouble.

Image from

Perfect for an area with a bright window or reading nook in your home.

Image from Kitka Design

What a gorgeous addition to this hall softens the lines and adds a wonderful sculptural element to the space.

Image from Designlovefest

Like a Supermodel, this plant deserves a front and center position...

Perfect for today's more contemporary aesthetic..


I am no expert in plants, though I dabble in my own Gardenista for a good site for care of the Fiddle leaf fig plant, I found simple and straightforward advice on the Apartment Therapy website...check it out.