Chair Affair Fundraiser

Another Chair Affair is upon us.. a fundraiser for The Furniture Bank, an organization which provides furnishings and home goods for those who need a helping hand. This year the event is being held at CasaLife on October 28th. You can bid on this chair, help the charity and have a one of a kind adorable chair in your home. Tickets and more information is available online 


What attracted me to the chair was its delicate and feminine look ..the back detailing has an hourglass look and though it is delicate, the chair has a strong presence. I love Paris and its bold expression, so Moulin Rouge was

My inspiration for the chair. I chose a red , raised velvet damask which is rich and decadent, finished it with a saffron colours silk piping and painted the chair in a sexy, high gloss red paint called Shmooze from Para.