We offer Design, Decoration and Renovation Services for clients who want to elevate their lifestyle, update their home, complete a new home project, renovate and therefore increase the value of their home or property and generally improve the environment in which they reside or work.            

OUR GOAL is to work closely with Clients so that together, we explore the various options and solutions which are appropriate for their Project. With an experienced Team, we establish a plan, a budget and a schedule in order to ensure that the plan is executed successfully. Renovating and Decorating is stressful enough, we aim to make it uncomplicated, manageable and relatively enjoyable... a solid and realistic plan is necessary to ensure success at the end of the journey. 

THE VALUE of long standing Relationships with Trades and Suppliers is what differentiates a D.I.Y. project from a professionally executed project. With the extended 'Team' of respected, knowledgeable, skilled and valued professionals with whom we work, there is an assurance that the project will be executed with the utmost care and attention...should challenges arise, as they often do in the real world, we work together to resolve issues to the best of our abilities so that everyone is satisfied and proud of the job done. We have the experience, resources and passion to help you discover 'YOUR LOOK , YOUR UNIQUE LIFESTYLE".


  • Full Service Interior Design and Decorating
  • Remodeling and Refurbisment 
  • Trade management
  • Kitchen and Bathroom design 
  • Complete Home Decorating and Styling
  • Product Procurement
  • Furniture planning and implementation
  • Window Treatments 
  • Styling
  • Consultation 

DESIGN PROCESS: For  Full Renovation or Decoration Service

1, Concept / Discovery Phase: During this phase, we explore  the direction of your project by defining your goals,  reviewing various concepts, pulling ideas, materials and plans which would suit your lifestyle and budget. We create a definite direction for the map which will accomplish your 'wish list'....we tap into our creativity and use our experience to implement as much of your 'design dream' as possible into your daily reality.

2. Design Development: During this phase, we develop the design by creating  CAD drawings, sketches,furniture plans, budget management, schedules, plan documents such as reflected ceiling, details, elevations, millwork and built in's, product selections and finish details in order have a clear map toward the project's eventual goal. We review with trades, suppliers and yourself as required during this process. 

3.Implementation Phase: Our goal here is to finalize any revisions and schedules, communicate with builder, contractor, suppliers and trades as required, We monitor the site, manage expectations and anticipate potential issues.We ensure that our documents are executed correctly and manage any questions or clarifications required as the project moves forward.

4.Procurement and Administration: This phase is actually ongoing with the management of the budget, managing orders and invoices, shipping, delivery and scope change details.


" Designing and Decorating with the innate ability to create essentially classic and timeless interiors while remaining utterly modern and forward-looking ..."