OUR GOAL is to collaborate with our clients in the process of creating timeless interiors which reflect the client's aesthetic and lifestyle needs. We collaborate with everyone on the team so that together, we explore the various options and solutions which are appropriate for the project. With an analytical, yet intuitive design approach, we establish a plan, a budget and a schedule in order to ensure that everything is executed successfully, with the addition of a positive client experience.

THE VALUE of long standing relationships with trades and suppliers is what differentiates a D.I.Y. project from a professionally executed one. With the extended team of respected, knowledgeable, skilled and valued professionals with whom we work, there is an assurance that the project will be executed with the utmost care and attention...should challenges arise, as they often do in the real world, we work together to resolve issues to the best of our abilities so that everyone is satisfied and proud of the job done. We have the experience, resources and passion to help you discover 'YOUR UNIQUE LIFESTYLE".



  • Full Service Interior Design and Decorating
  • Working with builders to provide design support
  • Consultation and Design plans
  • Remodeling and Refurbisment 
  • Kitchen and Bathroom design 
  • Complete Home Decorating and Styling
  • Product Procurement
  • Furniture planning and implementation
  • Window Treatments 
  • Consultations 
  • More.......



A successful project is realized when the client's personal goals and aspirations for the space are met and where they feel natural and comfortable to live their lives and make their memories. In order to achieve this, we have an initial meeting to discuss and therefore understand how the client wishes to use their space.This meeting helps us understand all the factors involved such as budget, interior design and decorating goals, timelines, structural and administrative requirements. Before presenting a proposal outlining how we can achieve the goals through our process as well as the associated design fee, we review the client's visual inspirations of spaces which they are drawn to, materials, colours and general feel of the spaces in question.


This is where the inspiration images and ideas discussed come to life with various samples, floor plans, concept sketches, layouts of furniture, millwork drawings or sketches, materials, lighting etc. as required in order to present to the client the proposed path to realizing their goals. It is a collaborative process where we meet and or communicate as required in order to get the feedback necessary to stay on track. Before moving to the next phase, we ensure that our direction is approved by the client in order to minimize 'scope change'.


After the concept is approved, we proceed to create all the fine details, material selections, finish selections and quotes for each item being produced for the project in order for the client to approve. At this point there will also be an itemized list of each item in order to finalize the purchase and implementation plan. Any revisions and changes are to be finalized at this point before moving to the next phase.


This is where the goals are put to plan and they begin to come to life. Experienced management of this process is imperative to ensure timelines, budgets and design accuracy are all met. We oversee the procurement and installation of the project as required with onsite meetings with the builder, trades, crafts people, installers etc. This can be a stressful process since every plan can have its snags, however, our goal is to minimize the burden on the client as much as possible by managing the process with experience and knowledge.


We appreciate the opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives through interior design and decoration, and are very mindful of the privilege to do so. We support the client in any final details which need attention and photograph the spaces as required in order to document each experience for the purpose of expressing our ability to visualize and realize other peoples dreams for their spaces.