" Designing and Decorating with the innate ability to create essentially classic and timeless interiors while remaining utterly modern and forward-looking ..."

We offer Design, Decoration and Renovation Services for clients who want to elevate their lifestyle, update their home, complete a new home project, renovate and therefore increase the value of their home or property and generally improve the environment in which they reside or work.            

OUR GOAL is to work closely with Clients so that together, we explore the various options and solutions which are appropriate for their Project. With an experienced Team, we establish a plan, a budget and a schedule in order to ensure that the plan is executed successfully. Renovating and Decorating is stressful enough, we aim to make it uncomplicated, manageable and relatively enjoyable... a solid and realistic plan is necessary to ensure success at the end of the journey. 

THE VALUE of long standing Relationships with Trades and Suppliers is what differentiates a D.I.Y. project from a professionally executed project. With the extended 'Team' of respected, knowledgeable, skilled and valued professionals with whom we work, there is an assurance that the project will be executed with the utmost care and attention...should challenges arise, as they often do in the real world, we work together to resolve issues to the best of our abilities so that everyone is satisfied and proud of the job done. We have the experience, resources and passion to help you discover 'YOUR LOOK , YOUR UNIQUE LIFESTYLE".


We provide an organized system which allows the journey to be transparent and easy to understand. We begin First with a meeting to develop a Scope of Work and determine all the areas which will be worked on, there is no charge for this portion of the work we will be doing together. Then there is the Design process which is typically charged as a flat fee. Finally, we have the Execution and Procurement Phase which includes, management, supervision, resolving issues and implementation of the plan which is customized based on the project needs.


For the client who values the time and expertise of skilled and experienced professionals who will complete all aspects of the design and decorating process from start to finish. We provide a complete 'white glove service' which will bring your design and decorating objectives to fruition. You can rest assured that we will 'take care of business' and leave you as stress-free as possible during the process of completing your project. Services include cabinetry layouts, furniture plans, drapery treatments, materials selections, custom rugs and WHATEVER else it takes to make and create the HOME of Y O U R dreams....

We are also able to collaborate with your Architect and Builder in order to create the home of your dreams.


  • feel free to call and ask any questions or queries
  • we sign a contract with each client ( business before fun)
  • we are flexible in how we work, and are always open to suggestions which will build better relationships with our clients and suppliers
  • our goal is to make the process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for everyone involved in the project
  • clear communication is the key to a successful relationship,we strive for this on each project
  • everyone deserves to have a home which expresses their personality, lifestyle within their budget
  • with a good plan, you can take the time to decorate and or renovate over a number of months or years to achieve your design goals
  • fees do not include furnishings, fabrics, materials, accessories, delivery or trade labour.
  • 'its about you and what you want your space to feel and look like'....we make your design dreams come true
  • we aim to work hard and have fun doing so!

People often ask me what my 'design style' is....I say that am all styles depending on the Client, my inspiration stems from the Clients' visions...I feel very privileged to be able to express my love for Classic Architecture and Design as well as my respect for Contemporary and Modern Influences through my various projects. A strict design education brings to the table a practical approach to the design process with a serious dose of creativity.  An appreciation of the fact that challenges in the design process bring on the most satisfying solutions.

Note: prices and conditions are subject to change at's the reality of business + time!