"I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all theory, Nor do I believe in imposing my personal style on my Clients. I am an interpreter of my Client's design vision within the ‘interior architecture’ world….always mindful of the expressed thoughts and words 'between the lines'. The goal is to create interiors which make the house a home, where the homeowner says "THIS IS ME!" at the end of the project….evelyn



(B.A.A.I.D) A.R.I.D.O Intern, D.D.A., N.K.B.A.

Evelyn Eshun is the principal designer and owner of Evelyn Eshun Design Inc., also known as EStudio, a full service design and decorating company in Toronto providing creative and innovative design solutions for busy professionals who require interior design and decorating services. Many years of residential design, decorating and planning experience, paired with formal interior design education, allow Evelyn to create spaces for clients which express their aesthetic and functional needs .  An accomplished and award wining Designer with a successful history in providing both stylish and functional solutions tailored to achieve the client's objectives and budget.

Born in Wroclaw, Poland with an early childhood in Ghana, West Africa, Evelyn Eshun's design inspirations have developed from a diverse set of experiences, interests and education. Having lived on 3 continents by the age of 26,  Evelyn was molded into being an accomplished Designer by various cultural influences which created a drive toward a uniquely trained and developed eye for the Interior Design aesthetic.

 Always seeking knowledge and new learning experiences, Evelyn has traveled extensively gathering inspiration and life experiences which formed her Logical and Practical approach to solving interior design challenges for her various projects.

  " My goal is for my Clients to experience their own life in their spaces, I pride myself in having the ability to express my client's individual style, with the input of my extensive experience, knowledge and creative vision.

"I believe that no matter what the style of the interior, it must reflect the client's personal style, I consider it a privilege to be able to go on the creative journey with each project to accomplish this goal"

Always striving for a pure design process, sticking to old fashioned values and paying true homage to the art of Interior architecture is what keeps Evelyn motivated to continue creating unique and personalized design solutions. Establishing and building valuable relationships with her Trades, Suppliers, as well as Clients is the ultimate goal is to continue providing creative and functional interior environments which will stand the test of time.

Today, Evelyn is a regular contributor to local and national publications as well as video information segments. Focusing on doing what she does best.... bringing innovative design solutions to each custom project.  Whether it’s transforming an old and tired property into a livable and vibrant modern home, starting from scratch with a fresh template, or decorating an entire home, the aim is to have the homeowners goals in mind and respecting their functional and budgetary needs and design wishes.