Frequently Asked Questions

"Interior design and decoration should be a collaboration between designer and client.. both are responsible for the outcome and must be responsible for communicating clearly before and during the process in order to ensure that expectations are not only understood, but met with success."



Everyone always wants to add a label to everyone, I find this unfortunate. As a designer, my job is to use my experience and thought process to resolve design dilemmas for clients… this means taking my past experience, knowledge and education to give them THEIR best solution. My style of ‘thinking’ is to be modern and current ( not trendy…CURRENT) and create interiors which are appropriate for the project, the client and the aesthetic which I can be proud of and put my name on it. This means mixing materials, being cognoscente of functionality and making a personal strong statement which is timeless. It’s not about a ‘style’ which has a NAME..but a design that feels good and is appropriate for the space.

I’ve never worked with a design professional, how does it work?

There are various ways to work with us… whether it is a one time consultation which leaves you armed with information guiding you to do it yourself, or to full service where we work closely with you and the trades involved overseeing the project from inception to completion…and a few options in between. We are happy to discuss your needs with you in order to determine which service suits you best.


Why do I need a professional designer?

Whether you need a little help or a lot, having the advice and guidance of a professional ( in any genre) is invaluable. Design professionals have the knowledge, experience and expertise to complete your project seamlessly and efficiently preventing costly mistakes and increasing the value of your property.


At what point should I hire a designer?

The sooner you involve a professional designer, the better. We are able to foresee issues and challenges by pre-planning your project, lay out an appropriate budget and solve as many challenges before they arise. Being proactive vs. reactive is the best way to stick to your timeline and save money.


I have an Architect and or Contractor…why do I need a Designer?

Any renovation/ remodeling/ building project requires a Team of people who are skilled in their area of expertise. An architect’s expertise is typically in the structural and overall creation of the project, including structural concerns and code requirements, a designer’s expertise is in the ergonomics of how you will live in the home, the overall environment and functionality of the interior spaces including surface finishes, lighting plans, built in’s furnishings and all other elements which are required to finish your home. A contractor executes the design and managing trades. When all team members are able to do what they do best, you will benefit greatly from an efficient flow of communication and execution of tasks.


How much will it cost me?

Whether it be design services or any other, the cost of hiring a professional is the best way to ensure that a job is done properly within the time and appropriate budget. As each client is different, so is the individual need for design services.We quote each job individually, for full service, on average you can expect to spend 10% - 25% of the overall cost of the project depending on the services rendered. This will depend on the scope of work and expectations on the particular project. It is also important to understand that each change or alteration may affect other aspects of the design which in turn could increase the time and costs needed to ensure the overall plans are not compromised.


I can't splurge for the complete Full Service, can I still work with you? 

We are happy to bring good, quality and creative design solutions to everyone... we can work with you in various ways with packages, bundles of time, consultations and online design solutions us to set up a 15 to 30 minute conversation  to discuss your particular needs. We can get you there some of the way, or all of the way... you can customize your services based on your needs and budget.


Can I decorate only one room with you?

You can hire us for only one room at a time..draperies, furniture, upholstery, us for a quick phone conversation to determine your needs and how we can accommodate you.



Do I have to work with your trades?

Working with the trades with whom we have relationships allows you to benefit from many years of collaboration which has been built. This extends the benefits of pricing, scheduling, and added personalized care to you. However, we are able to work with your Contractor and Trades and will customize our fees in order to allow you to only purchase design and schematic plans from us, engage us for periodic check ins, or complete design management.


Do you share Trade Discounts?

We have worked for many years to build relationships with valued suppliers and manufacturers and trade discounts are part of a design business's funnel of income as well as perk for the years in business. The products purchased directly through us are typically discounted from retail and depending on where an item is sourced from, you may benefit from the discounts we receive from  retailers. We have found that the cost of services is offset by the savings you receive from our purchasing opportunities directly from suppliers and manufacturers. As a rule, if you are aiming to hire a design professional only for their trade benefits, consider that this professional is providing a service which has well honed skills and relationships worth much more than a discount at the point of sale.


How should I prepare for our first meeting?

Gather images of inspirations ( spaces, materials, products etc) which identify your ‘wish list’… any images from magazines, photos or the internet ( Pinterest) which express your style or wants… even it is simply a picture from a fashion layout… we will be able to get an idea of the ‘feeling’, colour schemes and style you are drawn to. At our meeting, we will discuss your functionality, time frame and budgetary needs in order to understand how we can make your dream a reality.


How do I know that you won’t impose your ‘style’ on me. I want my home to reflect my personal style after all.

Our goal is to collaborate with you, to help you realize your vision and dream for your project. We are professionals who are trained to listen to your needs, wishes and wants, to analyze your budget and present you with the options and solutions which will suit your parameters. Creating spaces which express multiple and various style provides us with experience and added creative stimulation which is always welcome.


Do you manage the construction portion of the project?

We manage the implementation of the design to ensure the accuracy of the installation what we have designed and sourced, however, the General Contractor will manage the daily schedule and activities of the trades. We are not general contractors, we work side by side with the GC as a team.


What is the best advice you can give potential Clients?

  1. Honesty is the best policy.. we have to communicate throughout the process in order to have eventual success...

  2. Not unlike most relationships, we may not like each other in the midst of the process.. .. but in the end, we realize our goals are inline and we want the best for each other

  3. Be patient..... Rome was not built in a day..... and at times, there were floods and riots to screw up the whole plan!..but it still worked out and the City is GORGEOUS!!

  4. Expect something to go wrong... always!!! but we will get it resolved in time.

  5. Trust your design professional, we do this day in and day out...

  6. Work with a professional who clearly loves what they do..they will do all they can ( within reason) to give you a product you will love.

  7. Weekends and evenings are for catching up on One's personal life...let's all do so in order to have BALANCE in our lives and be more productive during the week.