Built in Magic

I was looking for a file on my computer the other day and came across this project… thought I’d share it here for inspiration.

Built in’s are a wonderful addition to any space… designed for the space, they function exactly as you need if designed and built according to your particular needs.

This was the ‘before’ situation in the basement which was used by the kids as their ‘hang out’ zone… it was not very attractive for one..and definitely not funcitonal.

The sketch above is not very clear since it was on vellum and I copied it to the computer… but you will see that I wanted to incorporate the whole wall and steal every little bit of storage while creating a minimal and contemporary look for the space.

We ended having to install a sump pump which make the basement look like massive termites had invaded.. it was quite a sight..but a worthwhile upgrade.

We used a combination of white and wood grained laminate for this unit and therefore had to have clean 90 degree angles. The gloss white behind the TV was installed in six pieces with a slight reveal for aesthetic and logistic reasons. ( the sheet sizes would not allow for a single panel)

The final unit has the audio components on the bottom left and the unit on the far right under the art is shallow at only 11 inches or so… enough for games and misc. stuff.

We added a sectional with a storage ottoman and funky carpet tiles which can be mixed and matched for a different pattern combination if so desired….

evelyn eshun