Built- in designed for Drama!

The first time I walked into the house with my client to access the project scope and get inspired, I 'saw' the solution for the main wall in the very spacious room which houses the kitchen, dining and great room. It had to be BOLD and DRAMATIC.

My Client's wish list was to create a comfortable country home with the casual elegance of California in the Ontario countryside while maintaining an urban elegance...Music to my ears...this plan was exactly what I was hoping to hear..

This built in was to set the style and be the main feature of the space.

Above is an image of the room as it was when I first saw the home..on the right is my concept sketch...I like to get the idea down on paper right away...it helps my design process as I draw to make some decisions. At this point it is just a concept and changes are bound to come based on the challenges that the space will put before us.

Then we create some CAD drawings to work out the details and demo day removes all the existing stuff we don't want to keep.... we are now starting from scratch and it is so exciting...

Visiting the site when the masterpiece is being installed is always fun...I'm like a kid in a candy store when I see what was in my mind's eye come to life....