Evelyn's Double Take

As we produce the 'Evelyn's Double Take' feature in Canadian Home Trends Magazine, we get better at collaborating and executing our ideas. For me as a Designer, it is fun to just create and do what I wish with the given theme.

The third edition of 'Evelyn's Double Take' is a gorgeous contemporary table available at Modo North America Inc. and give it tow looks.

Our mandate was to create a traditional look which is current and fresh paired with a more contemporary and youthful look which still had the element of traditional but a bit more flirty and contemporary...kinda like a Mother/ Daughter scenario.

Below is the BEFORE and AFTER of our Photoshoot with Stephanie Buchman Photography

Below are images of the table with the two looks, and without being too serious, we created two looks which serve the same purpose while expressing very different styles.

We achieved a look which is fresh and contemporary, glamorous, whimsical while rooted in a traditional aesthetic.

using fabrics and accessories which express the personality of the homeowner.


evelyn eshun