Renovation at Lakefront Condo

Today was day 2 of the Renovation at a Lakefront Condo...and my first day to visit the site. The job entails gutting 2 bathrooms and replacing flooring in the kitchen. It is always exciting to see the space cleared out right down to the studs. It is always the day when we realize whether our deign plan will stay as is, or if we need to tweak a bit. Luckily, we have only a few little changes, but nothing which will affect the original plan too much.

Renovating is stressful, expensive and challenging..for everyone involved. I have some survival tips:

1.Move out if you can for the duration (our client went on a fabulous and relaxing holiday up north.

2.plan, plan and plan some more, be ready for 'forks in the road'...we had a couple today...which were not an issue to resolve because we are professionals who have done this many times and decisions were made on site to resolve slight plumbing issues.

3. speaking of plumbing, this is the most challenging element in a condo have limited flexibility for change, so the appropriate products must be chosen well ahead and incorporated with creativity if you want to create a dramatic change both in aesthetic or in functionality.

4. Trust your Team of professionals, they will have your best interest in mind ( if you chose the right team!) and you will have to have a bit of blind faith sometimes in order to get the job done within the timeline.

5.Budget...sticky issue! always have a contingency, you never know what you will find behind the walls and along the journey.

Here are some before images:

From left to right: Main bathroom vanity, master ensuite tub, master ensute vanity, master ensuite closet area ( yes, that is a sink in the closet)

We're planning a contemporary, masculine and luxurious look, using floating vanities with led lighting, exotic wood , high gloss white elements and feature wall details.

From left to right: main bath vanity , main bath shower, master ensuite tub area, master ensuite sink area ( we opened the wall to the closet which will now have a vanity, leaving us with a set of vanities in the master ensuite)

Below are images of some of the items we are incorporating as well as elevations for the 2 bathrooms

Here are some plans for both bathrooms...stay tuned for more...I'll be posting to this Designer Diary as the job progresses...I'll also be on Instagram with video updates.

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