National Home Show kickoff...

The National Home Show is of the largest in North America... I'm looking forward to participating in various Appearances, soaking in the Excitement...and ofcourse being inspired by the numerous fabulous booths which will be showing their wares for the next 10 days.

Early Morning on Thursday began with Breakfast Television and Friday began at Global Television...I'm looking forward to sleeping in past 5am tomorrow....but thankful for the opportunity to appear on these shows.

Tomorrow begins a few days of Design Dilemma at the Reno and Decor Booth as well as a Celebrity Flower arranging event on Tuesday....that should be fun! as well as two talks on the stage on behalf of NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association).

There will be a number of presenters giving valuable advice and inspiration on the Main Stage throughout the week.

Design Dilemma is a great way for anyone to come and talk to a Designer or Decorator, have their undivided attention for 15 minutes to get any question answered...below is a page showing all my colleagues who will be there.

I'm looking forward to 'walking the show' and posting some of the products which catch my eye...stay tuned for my posts on what I like, what catches my eye and curiosity with my Espotting Instagram page @e_spotting ...