Renovation and Steak..what do they have in common?

It's a strange title..but here is what I told my Client this week..Renovating is like preparing a great piece of will enjoy the meal better if you do not see the process of getting the steak to your plate...yes, a cow gets killed in the process and it is not a pretty sight.!

The Renovation process is's messy, its stressful, nerve wracking...generally a rough ride..however, if planned properly, the result is well worth the ride. This is what we do for our clients..we deal with the 'prep of steak' so that the end result is satisfying and tasteful.

This week my Client came home to the ugly part of the process...I warned him..he told me  he's a vegetarian so the analogy was understandable..but he never has to deal with that thought..LOL.

I got the point across though and we got through it together..he will have a wonderful space which is exactly what he wanted and that to me is SUCCESS.

The master ensuite is coming along quite nicely....our goal was to create a contemporary, elegant and masculine space which felt more spacious and luxurious.

Items such as a linear drain, large porcelaine tiles which look like onyx, dolomite on the floor, vanities in  exotic wood ( eucalyptus) and high gloss white are the ingredients for a fabulous bathroom.

The main bathroom is being transformed by replacing the tub with a shower. Dark textured floors in a dark textured 18 x 36 tile create bold contrast. We added a herringbone tile in a deep grey colour which creates a wonderful tension of traditional elegance with contemporary simplicity as it contrasts with the 4 x 16 high gloss subway tile.

I think I'm looking forward to the reveal more than my Client..



evelyn eshun