Looking back on a past project...

I was hunting for a product from a past project the other day…and came across one of my favourite projects from a couple of years ago… it was a client who lived in California and was moving back to Canada after a number of years away.

The project was done with a few meetings in person, but mostly via skype and regular updates… a bungalow in the beautiful hills of Hockley Valley on a picturesque BUNCH of acres… I could definitely live there!!!

The drive to the house was not a tough one!!! It was like escaping with each visit…


This was my initial design sketch for the main wall in the family room.. I wanted the whole wall to be a BOLD statement and the TV to hide within the cabinet… floor to ceiling treatment with walnut wood.

This was the floorplan of the furniture we were purchasing for the project.

In the portfolio pictures, there is a temporary rug… the final rug was custom designed for the project, but we did not go back to photograph it… it was a beautiful one of a kind with colours chosen based on the client’s style.

We also shot for my regular segment in Canadian Home Trends Magazine called Double Take, where we gave this room 2 looks (one colour and one without)

We remodeled a few other rooms in this fabulous home..I will share those on a separate blog post.

evelyn eshun