Hardware Obsessions....

Hardware is the ‘jewelry’ of cabinets and furniture… it should not be overlooked by any means since it can express personality of the space…but also it is the item that you touch when you open the cabinets, you have an intimate connection with the hardware… make it enjoyable.

I LOVE what Rejuvenation offers on their website… check these out…

mission copper.JPG

Mission Copper ( copper is timeless and warm, great with any colour, especially dark options )

Mission Bin ( this one is so gorgeous… a contemporary expression of a traditional design)

Ramsay pull ( I like the simple angles and negative space it creates.

Caldwell ( I like the gently curved square , and the base gives it that added visual strength)

Upton ( contemporary take on a knob)

Caldwell bin pull ( I like that you don’t see the screws..perfect for a more contemporary expression.

Manzanita ( beautifully curved and fluid)

evelyn eshun