Jobsite Update

This week’s visit to the #evelynproject was quite exciting… we’re in the homestretch of the project and the vision is coming together so well.

I looked back to the ‘before’ and ‘durning’ images and what a difference a few months and alot of work makes.



We closed off the entry to the kitchen, removed the door to the basement and added a powder room in the entry…

The new powder room is squeezed in the entry and we managed to add a closet..believe it or not….

Opening up the kitchen to the living ,and adding an island , shallow pantry and clever drawer storage has made this kitchen functional for the family.

Tiles add not only functionality, but PERSONALITY too. There are so many options available these days that allow for personal expression. I love to add pattern on the floor, it grounds the area and makes the space unique to the home. A the back door to the patio, a hex tile was used to create a pad of tile since the wood could be damaged by wet and dirty shoes… simple and much more attractive than a simple rectangle.

The sitting and dining area will now have a built in which has a bar unit, discreet storage above the fireplace, and a built in for media and misc. stuff… we changed the heating system from radiators to forced air which created some challenges… hidden behind that large column with reveals is the HVAC…when the contractor called and said “you won’t like what I have to tell you about where the HVAC has to go’.. this presented a challenge which was solved quite simply with a paneled wall that connects the upper storage. There is always a way to resolve onsite suprises ;) …


Now we choose backsplash …


So there it is.. another one almost in the bag.. looking forward to seeing it completed so that I can share what has been in my mind’s eye for months….

evelyn eshun