The Next Chapter

I have not posted since October 20th… ( my schedule is every Saturday morning)…it has been a life changing few weeks for me personally and business. In short, my mother is extremely ill hanging on to dear life and I hope we will have her with us through Christmas…this prompted me to make a decision and streamline my business by closing my wonderful office.

It truly is true when they say ‘when one door closes, other one opens’..this can be difficult to embrace when life seems to be throwing daggers at you…but based on my past life experiences and this one which is the hardest in my entire life..I believe it.

A day or two after what seemed like the mountain in Game of Thrones, a friend and colleague presented the opportunity to share a space with herself and 2 other fabulous business women whom I respect very much. So the decision is to MOVE to a fabulous loft-like space in the design district and share a space while maintaining our individual businesses.

Collaborating and sharing makes for a more efficient and frankly more FUN way to work. I am looking forward to working with these fantastic ladies in our new space in the new year..stay tuned.


I have a few things which will come to my new office..but I am looking forward to dressing it up to me my new workspace…

This is the space as we saw it on day 1 …

we decided to celebrate a couple weeks ago with prosecco and balloons …

I look forward to the next chapter sharing a studio space with these ladies:

@figinteriors , @corihalpern , @orsipanosinteriors ..CHEERS!!!!

evelyn eshun