Design Details

This was a home which we worked on with DeSousa Homes from scratch. As a designer, having the opportunity to work with a builder who is building a speculative home investment is a treat. We get to have a relative amount of creative license to be innovative and experimental..ofcourse with a budget in mind.

Design Details which make a project unique and spaces functional is key to a successful result.

A wine storage nook which was a decision made part-way through the project, was added between the dining and kitchen. I chose a grey subway tile which looks hand crafted as the background to what can be a fabulous wine collection.

A 15" porcelain hexagon shaped tile is a fun and functional feature in this laundry room which doubles as a mud room, storage room and transition from garage to main house. 

A simple and humble 3" x 8" subway tile was installed counter to ceiling for texture and functionality.

I love the floating shelves which can be used for storing daily items... though meant to be looking pretty too!

In the main entry, I designed panels which were stained a darker colour than the floor and are backed with an antiqued mirror which came from Italy and held up all of our photography and filming.. it was well worth the wait!

I chose to do this and repeat the detail in the dining room for added depth and light reflection. Notice we added the beautiful sculptural sconces on the mirrors... this reflects more light and gives you two sconces instead of one on each mirror.

The wallpaper between the two panels is black with gold details, it ties in the gold accents in the chandeliers.

I LOVE LOVE layering textures and pattern, be it physical textures, visual textures, large pattern or small.... textures add interest, and a certain implied comfort to a space and though it takes a certain amount of skill to mix texture and pattern, when done well, the result is truly stunning.

My clients know what I say about powder rooms... ' it is the only space your friends will be in ALONE... give them an experience!"... make it a WOW factor and have them inhale the moment they walk in. 

Details such as wallpaper and patterned tiles add to the experience. This is a small space... don't be shy..add some personality!!! 

The guest bedroom bath has lots of eye candy.. the mosaic floor adds pattern and texture, the backsplash is also a shelf and never mind that BLUE vanity.

Black hardware is perfect for every space ( in my opinion) and here we asked the mirror company to add a black frame around the  mirror to add shape and a more custom look.

Stay tuned for more posts where I share my thought process and insight into how and why I made the design decisions on various projects..





evelyn eshun