Powder Room Planning

Anyone who knows me knows ..I LOVE designing powder rooms...it's a small space where we go for a short time..not a long time...might as well make it a great experience .. ;) 

A typical Toronto home in High Park which has no main floor powder room.. we WILL squeeze one in .. and to boot..it will be FABULOUS!!!

There it is.. we squeezed it in .. and you know what..I even have space for a closet in the entry.... good space planning is all about understanding e r g o n o m i c s  and products to support your design decisions. 

before plan.JPG

In the existing plan.. we had a floorplan which does not suit the way we like to live in 2018... people want an open space where they can move freely and live without confined spaces. The reason we have evolved to this type of living is multi-fold..but one of the main ones is efficiency in warming our interiors...no longer do we need small rooms to keep them small and we have structural innovations which allow for wider spans of open spaces.

We opened the space and chose to make the entry smaller to include a powder room.... nothing in life comes without compromise and in order to have this powder room, we had to close off the stairs and make the entry smaller...no worries though.. we have no compromise on style or functionality, and our powder room is going to have a ton of p e r s o n a l i t y...

It's a TINY space..so my concern is high impact style without alot of compromise on space.

I selected finishes which will move the eye to various textures, patterns and details..distracting them from the obvious fact that it IS a small space.

rubi faucet.JPG

A wall mounted faucet saves space 

A patterned floor will always add personality.... especially in a small space...this also sets the tone for the style and colour inspriation.

A tightly patterned wallpaper will give the illusion of more depth and also interest. Remember ..in most typical powder rooms...you can stretch your arms and touch the walls..therefore, your eye is at least 2 feet from the walls at anytime..adding texture and pattern gives you something to focus on other than just a blank wall.

Here is the whole collection of items... I want to bring the light oak feel of the flooring throughout into the space in order to create a reference point ...and we can find a FANTASTIC expensive piece of marble for a fraction of the price in the back room of our fabricators workshop... ;) 

STAY TUNED to my instastories and IGTV to see the progress of this space as we work through the summer to get this family home completed.