Master Ensuite makeover

This client found us on the internet... I am always thankful when people who only know of us via the internet decide to contact us for a meeting and a potential opportunity to work with them.

This couple saw an image of a space  we had completed a few years ago..., read through our profile and decided that we could be a good fit.. and that we certainly are.

evelyn eshun design (3).jpg

Inspiration Image

Though we will be using the same dramatic accent tile as we did at this project, all other items will be simply an 'inspiration' and expression of the feeling which this bathroom has. I will not repeat materials exactly on any project because each client and space is different and the final project must reflect their personal lifestyle, functional needs and budget.

Our Existing bathroom is simply definitely does not express the style of the downtown urban client who lives here.

This is the 24 x 48 super dramatic tile which will greet you on the back wall as you enter the bathroom.

We are not moving any plumbing, simply updating with better quality materials, and adding more functionality with a new vanity that has more storage.

The upper cabinet may change based on what we find behind the condo projects go... there are concrete walls, floors and ceilings..leaving little wiggle room for major changes.

Stay tuned to my Instagram at @evelyndesigner for jobsite updates #lakeshoreproject

evelyn eshun