Modest Makeover

We recently completed a project which was a home with 'builder grade' finishes and the client wanted to upgrade for more style and personality. The project included the entire main floor, about 900 sq ft, which needed pot lights throughout, painting, furnishings, window treatments, wallpaper and modifications to the kitchen.

The main challenge was that we were not to remove the very dated 12 x 12 tiles... it just was not in the what to do..ya gotta work with the obstacles and make it fabulous regardless!

Below is an image of the kitchen..not horrible..but still very basic.. that half wall was pointless and an eyesore.. no backsplash.. cabinets with no crown detail and what about that light fixture just there in the middle of the space.

The key decisions:

1. raise the cabinetry with a valance to give a more custom look and visually 'raise' the height of the ceiling.

2. remove the existing island and half wall and build a new island with more storage.

3. add a backsplash and new counters

4. feature the fireplace with a wallpaper

5. remove the roman blinds, add more functional white 'bottom up top down' cellular blinds and draperies.

6. add potlights througout.

7. all new furnishings

These are in progress images.. we will be photographing soon and creating a video.. but in the mean time, you can see that the kitchen has so much more style... the floor was definitely a challenge, but it is what it is.. when there is a limited budget and the whole thing cannot be changed, the appropriate solutions have to be created and compromise comes into play.

I'm super happy with how it turned out and look forward to sharing the final photos soon.