Decisions Decisions...Light island or Dark island!

When working with Clients on a complete home renovation, my goal is to design and compose a home with the details and finishes which suit their lifestyle, where they can be themselves, where they walk in each day and E X H A L E... and LOVE LOVE LOVE coming home.... we should all feel this way!

In order to achieve this, I strive to get into their heads and understand their goals better than they understand them that possible ?? Ahhh yah.....its all about listening 'between the lines'... gathering all the non verbal and verbal cues which lead me down the path of 'dream home'. 

What people say is just as important as what they don't say... and it is up to me as the Maestro of the project to hear... not just listen... and to take that and translate it via the fabulous language of Interior Design... can you tell I love what I do!! ;)

So... what am I getting at? for the #evelynproject, we have a kitchen which will definitely have white cabinets, but we have an island and as in my last blog post, a potential dry bar, which could be another colour or stain... Both are fantastic ... but which one to choose?

image from

The inspiration image above and the samples I've selected shows a deep/ dark island. This is classic and never a bad choice... topped with a light counter like Eternal Calacatta Gold from Silestone ... timeless and classic!

If anyone knows the source of this photo..let me know and I will add it here...

Inspiration 2 is with a light stained island and dark counters..I'm thinking  Silestone Quartz: Charcoal Soapstone .. I love this is matte, it has a natural soft feel and it is durable.

Above is the 'before' image of the space when I went with the clients on a site visit after they purchased the property... 

This will be the space... you can see that we are covering an existing window.. need more space for cabinets..the view is not exactly stellar and we will have it light and bright with finishes and lighting..sacrificing the window is the best decision for this space.

This is the kitchen plan .. though there are some changes due to some onsite discoveries..but it gives you the idea...

We have a light wood floor throughout which I am so glad they have agreed to since it really opens up and brings light into this typical narrow Toronto home... the kitchen is the wow factor on the main floor and I am drawn to the lighter island..for a few has texture, it is not the usual and easy choice... it feels natural and it keeps the space feeling open and bright... the darker your finish, the more formal it feels...I like the light island for its subtle sophistication and yet very casual feeling.

Stay tuned to see what they decide...either way, we will make it fantastic! ;) 

evelyn eshun