Country Bungalow


This home is in a tranquil setting outside of the city..surrounded by trees, wildlife and woods. The clients wanted a space which was a refuge and escape from the busy workday in the city without compromise on style, design and functionality.

The project involved design, re-modelling and decorating..there is more to come on this page...stay tuned!!

Custom furniture was created, custom designed built in's and other personalized modifications were done to make this home perfect for those who are living in it.

Our approach was to mindfully examine what makes the residents feel welcome and 'at home'... the resulting design solution was to include texture, a calm colour scheme, low maintenance materials and a layout which was conducive to family fun and memories being made.

See the Before and After section for the change visual...


The video below shows the before and after and the goals for the project..

evelyn eshun