Working with Clients with whom we have worked with for many years is always an honor. This project came to us because the bathroom was quite dated and needed to reflect the homeowner's current style and functional needs. We designed a 1/4 cut walnut, floating vanity which has ample storage as well as style. A 10 inch wide by 4 inch deep cabinet in the matching walnut finish was squeezed between two studs for added storage. With its flush mounted installation, it takes up no space above the counter, but adds plenty of space for miscellaneous items.

The italian large format tiles have a wonderful soft look due to its slight undulated surface. The challenge of adding a freestanding tub in addition to the stand up shower was resolved by including a tub which has the perfect shape and depth to accomodate even the tallest user.

We are very proud of the fact that this new bathroom 'fits' into the existing contemporary home so seamlessly, as though it was always there.


Below is a video describing the goals and plans for the space...

evelyn eshun