Bathroom Makeover

When starting any process to coming up with a design which is perfect for the area is to first explore the client’s needs and wants…aesthetic and budgetary goals. The creative aspect comes after the decisions are made for the functionality and how that comes to me is by determining the adjectives which can be attributed to the eventual design.

In this case, the client had a bathroom which was dated and not functioning as well as it used to…they also wanted to consider many years down the road when they may need an accessible bathroom since they are in their forever home.


163 Garden bathroom before images (6).jpg



163 Garden bathroom before images (5).jpg

more before…


Above is a page out of the presentation…

This was the concept ..

We added an upper cabinet which was designed to fit within the studs ( I don’t like it when the cabinet hangs over the counter wasting space)

I had the cabinet maker extend the walnut below and above the actual cabinet in order to have a continuous line for the illusion of height… we used a finger pull knob in order to keep it clean.

This is the after with the upper cabinet closed

This is the after with the upper cabinet open

This is the after with the upper cabinet open

Since the original had a tub and shower in the same area…we had to figure out how to get a freestanding tub into this space without compromise…so. I added a tile ‘feature wall’ which houses the plumbing fixtures and a storage caddy..the tub is slim with a design that takes advantage of every possible angle for maximum depth and interior comfort…

I am proud to say that this image ended up on the cover of Reno and Decor magazine.

Photograpjy by Arnal Photography