Design OBSTACLE...

I must be honest..I LOVE design challenges which create obstacles...they are inevitable on just about any project..especially a project which involves an old this case almost 100 years old. These hurdles force creativity and serious design juices to flow ;)

In the upcoming #evelynproject .. I found out that there is a supporting weird, partial wall which has to be built in the MIDDLE of my beautiful kitchen design... UGH!!

You will notice the dotted lines from the Engineer ... this is what is supporting the home... unfortunately, this 'post' turned into a wall..see below..

We have about 78 inches or so to work with...Clients don't want to loose the window ( it was a conversation on site and everyone wanted to loose it...).

Pros and Cons for getting rid of the window:

1. more cabinet space if we get rid of it ( since with the window, we cannot go right against the exterior wall) 

2. easier to come up with solutions

3. BUT... my idea is to integrate the wall and make it an intentional design detail and add floating shelves by the window ... 

I use my Ipad pro and the goodnotes app to come up with a quick and dirty visual concept which I can send to clients so that they can get 'in my head'... it's really a great communication tool to express what happens naturally in my mind's eye.

I'm thinking a dry bar ( they wanted one anyway).. and floating shelves with a drawer below... something along these lines...and maybe we do it a different colour? perhaps the colour of the island?... stay tuned.

evelyn eshun