Adding pizzazz to a basic builder interior

This client was very clear as to what they wanted the result to be...however also very open to suggestions and expert advice. The perfect combination for a successful result. We installed pot lights throughout the home, painted the whole place and added blinds which open from the bottom and the top for maximum privacy options without sacrificing light.

The first change I knew needed to happen in order to create the feeling of a more custom space was that the existing cabinets needed to be extended to the ceiling.

By removing the half wall and building a new island which has more storage and matches the existing kitchen. We got rid of the overhang which was meant to be a 'bar', that the client was never going to use as such... and added 12" deep cabinets for more storage.

The fact that we could not change the floor was a bummer..but when such a challenge is presented, One must make it work and I believe we choosing a backsplash and counter top material which complimented the existing finishes nicely.


                                                         BEFORE                                                                                                                             AFTER 

The initial presentation for the living room included a neutral coloured, timeless sofa which anchored the neutral space elegantly. A round cocktail table is perfect in this not so large space since knees and shins won't be banged and style is not compromised.

I love how the curtains subtly add texture and visual height..they really add softness to the space and the wallpaper wall creates a focal point in the room... the client is waiting for a new TV model to come we had to put temporary art on the mantle for the shot.

The powder room is TINY..and we made it mightly. LOL.. wallpaper, a floating drawer vanity and brushed brass fixtures bring a luxe feel to this space.



( very basic builder.....and so sad!! with no personality ) 

Stay tuned for the video walk through of this space coming at the end of September.




evelyn eshun