Main Bathroom Makeover

This bathroom was part of a 3 bathroom remodeling and kitchen makeover for a client who came to us wanting spaces which were stylish and functional...but definitely a focus on quality and unique materials. We LOVE that mandate... allows for c r e a t i v i t y... that is always a good recipe for success..

Below is the BEFORE image of this main bathroom on a second floor.. very special features and definitely no POW!

The goal was to add a sense of 'brightness' and fresh attitude, upgraded materials and functionality. Below is the first inspiration board we put together in order to get a design direction approved by the client.

They loved it..especially the herringbone floor... 

The goal was to have materials which had a natural look and feel..while staying urban and the stain needed to be light in feeling but rustic in nature...we chose a limestone counter with a linear grain and herringbone tile to match in a 1" x 4" size...I LOVE this tile..

As in EVERY project, there are challenges which arise that force us to be creative and bend our minds to come up with solutions which will render our design concepts as close as possible to the initial idea...

In this case, I designed a floating cabinet with drawers... well, then we found this plumbing pipe once we demolished... In this case, communication with the trades is CRITICAL to resolve issues with as little compromise as possible.

I like to create PDF documents, draw and note the issue to make sure we are all understanding the solutions required.

We pushed back the plumbing as close to the wall as possible and shortened the depth of the drawers... minimal compromise.

Tiles got installed and they look so great...I decided to create a border around the perimeter to feature the tile as somewhat of a 'carpet'... this gives is that added custom detail...and it cost more than the plain we saved some dollars here.

Duke definitely approved of the installation... ;) 

The tub area was blocked off from the window in the I created a glass upper area to allow the light order to do this, we moved the shower handle to the adjacent wall.... 'design tip'.... ;)

Oh... and we added an LED light strip under the vanity for some extra detail...

The success of this renovation was depended on a few key elements: Good Planning, Client communication of their needs, wants and must haves... Client trusting in the vision ( CRITICAL) and great trades who executed the process to the T.....