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Chair Affair Fundraiser

Another Chair Affair is upon us.. a fundraiser for The Furniture Bank, an organization which provides furnishings and home goods for those who need a helping hand. This year the event is being held at CasaLife on October 28th. You can bid on this chair, help the charity and have a one of a kind adorable chair in your home. Tickets and more information is available online 


What attracted me to the chair was its delicate and feminine look ..the back detailing has an hourglass look and though it is delicate, the chair has a strong presence. I love Paris and its bold expression, so Moulin Rouge was

My inspiration for the chair. I chose a red , raised velvet damask which is rich and decadent, finished it with a saffron colours silk piping and painted the chair in a sexy, high gloss red paint called Shmooze from Para.

Style Inspiration

A 'Designer Brain' is something I have always a kid, I was never bored because of my constant appreciation and wonder of the world around me..never mind that my strict parents did not allow me to be 'bored'...otherwise, something would be found for me to do.

Last week I was out on my morning workout, while taking a break to stretch , I spied a branch which had a cornucopia of colour, texture and a strange kind of elegance....

Ofcourse my mind started wandering and visualizing the result of my inspiration..... Below is the S T Y L E INSPIRATION which resulted from this experience... all items are listed on my Pintrest Board with links.

The subtle blues and peachy pinks I saw seemed so elegant contrasted with the harsh texture of the woody branch... It translated as a look which is glamorous, edgy, fun and comfortable.






Designing other people's dreams is my job and I LOVE it... my own dream spaces tend to change as I am exposed to more products and ideas through my various work and networking experiences.

This year, GE extended an opportunity to designers to create their 'dream kitchen'using at least one GE Slate appliance ... this got me thinking, dreaming and pondering... here is my result:

All dream kitchens can be seen at #GESlateDreamKitchen

My Dream Kitchen using Slate appliances from GE..... #GESlateDreamKitchen

An open concept kitchen with finishes evoking the elegance of Old Paris, while embracing the contemporary North American sensibilities. This kitchen is casual, yet formal, utterly livable but very sophisticated..this kitchen is for someone who LOVES to cook and eat..., someone who appreciates craftsmanship and quality in all materials.. This is a kitchen which is welcoming and keeps you coming back for more fabulousness..... 

Evelyn's Double Take

As we produce the 'Evelyn's Double Take' feature in Canadian Home Trends Magazine, we get better at collaborating and executing our ideas. For me as a Designer, it is fun to just create and do what I wish with the given theme.

The third edition of 'Evelyn's Double Take' is a gorgeous contemporary table available at Modo North America Inc. and give it tow looks.

Our mandate was to create a traditional look which is current and fresh paired with a more contemporary and youthful look which still had the element of traditional but a bit more flirty and contemporary...kinda like a Mother/ Daughter scenario.

Below is the BEFORE and AFTER of our Photoshoot with Stephanie Buchman Photography

Below are images of the table with the two looks, and without being too serious, we created two looks which serve the same purpose while expressing very different styles.

We achieved a look which is fresh and contemporary, glamorous, whimsical while rooted in a traditional aesthetic.

using fabrics and accessories which express the personality of the homeowner.


Built- in designed for Drama!

The first time I walked into the house with my client to access the project scope and get inspired, I 'saw' the solution for the main wall in the very spacious room which houses the kitchen, dining and great room. It had to be BOLD and DRAMATIC.

My Client's wish list was to create a comfortable country home with the casual elegance of California in the Ontario countryside while maintaining an urban elegance...Music to my ears...this plan was exactly what I was hoping to hear..

This built in was to set the style and be the main feature of the space.

Above is an image of the room as it was when I first saw the home..on the right is my concept sketch...I like to get the idea down on paper right helps my design process as I draw to make some decisions. At this point it is just a concept and changes are bound to come based on the challenges that the space will put before us.

Then we create some CAD drawings to work out the details and demo day removes all the existing stuff we don't want to keep.... we are now starting from scratch and it is so exciting...

Visiting the site when the masterpiece is being installed is always fun...I'm like a kid in a candy store when I see what was in my mind's eye come to life....


What makes a Backyard Glamorous...

Today was the set up day for the Backyard Glam Tour in Mississauga, Ontario. I'm looking forward to seeing what my fellow designers put together. What we did at Evelyn Eshun Design was to take an already gorgeous 'british inspired' garden to the next level of sophisticated glamour.

So what brings Glamour to any space...1. cohesive finishes which collaborate and belong together 2. thougtful and deliberate arrangements 3. well executed colour scheme 4. restrained accessorizing 5. quality materials and more.....

We began the planning process a few weeks ago with a visit to the participating home...with some challenges thrown our way..we completed the task and are very happy with the result. Without the suppliers who participated in the efforts, this project would not be possible.

I'd like to thank these suppliers for their support and gracious efforts to put this event together.

Casualife , Crate and Barrel, Springbank Greenhouses, and my assistant Alyssa Jacoby who is always dependable and ready for a challenge.

Part of the proceeds for the home at 659 Meadow wood rd will go to the Childrens Make a Wish Foundation.

Below is the flyer with all the information you need to participate in the Tour....I'll be there tomorrow 10 - 3 lounging and enjoying the outdoors....

Setting up is never glamorous, but the reward is priceless...

Before and After images above  and below of the dining and lounge area...notice Lola checking out the scene when we fist visited the home...

Below are images from today's set up...looking forward for the professional shots of this project.



Old Toronto... Facinating Sunday Research

I love Sundays, it is a day for catching up on life...though I try my best to leave work behind on this one day, I sometimes reserve some time to do the work which will bring me a peaceful easy feeling..inspire me for the week to come.

Today I decided to research and source images for our Pub plan is to install old archive type photos of Toronto ( mainly the yonge and lawrence area) by the booths and were people can get close and have fun discussions of how far we have come in time.

Here are some great images I found from BlogTO and google images. I am so facinated by historical photos and the passing of time as seen in architecture, fashion and urban development.

The project is at 3185 Yonge street..( yonge and lawrence ) called the Uptown Pubhouse...opening soon #eeidpubproject #pubproject @theuptownpubhouse

yonge st. 1900's

Bay street

yonge and eglinton 1912

Danforth and Dawes

yonge and eglinton 1960's

Backyard Glam Tour

I'm honored to be asked to participate as one of 6 designers who will be decorating one of the 6 glamorous backyards in Mississauga presented by Bleu Venue Events. Here is the information Sheet..I will be posting my progress on Instagram and here in my Designer Diary...

Below is the information and a sneak peek a the space I'll be working on.

Lola came to visit...she LOVED the backyard as much as I did...

Bring a Fiddle Leaf Fig Home...

Having lived in Ghana , West Africa for 8 years, I remember having broad leafed plants at home, the giant leaves of tropica lplants are whimsical and fun while bringing an architectural element to the home...the fiddle leaf fig plant is one which brings memories of my childhood to me.

The image above was one I took while visiting the Holly Hunt showroom at the Miami Design District..look at the wonderful colour and shape it brings to the space.

As soon as I came back home to Toronto, I called a Client whom I felt would understand the need for this plant in their beautiful home. I went on a hunt for the perfect specimen and found that they are not as readily available as I'd imagined.

I visited one of my favorite gardening centers, Sheridan Nurseries in the Lawrence Park neighbourhood, and Hank who is an expert in all things to do with plants assured me that he could get me a 7 foot tree without trouble.

Image from

Perfect for an area with a bright window or reading nook in your home.

Image from Kitka Design

What a gorgeous addition to this hall softens the lines and adds a wonderful sculptural element to the space.

Image from Designlovefest

Like a Supermodel, this plant deserves a front and center position...

Perfect for today's more contemporary aesthetic..


I am no expert in plants, though I dabble in my own Gardenista for a good site for care of the Fiddle leaf fig plant, I found simple and straightforward advice on the Apartment Therapy website...check it out.




Canadian Furniture Show June 2015...

Tomorrow is the first day of the Canadian Furniture Show...( June 2 - 7th 2015)...there are lots of new and exciting changes. The team at SOFA ( Source for Furnishings and Accesories), has created a dynamic and interactive experience at the Show this year.

With over 250 of the top names in furniture and 95 new exhibitors, there are over 450k sq ft of showroom space which is the equivalent of over 4 football fields!!

Lots to see, lots to be inspired...and lots of personalities who you will recognize to be inspired by...

I'll be there as one of the 'Design Spotters' scoping and discovering great design finds which will be or should be on everyone's 'radar.

Here is the link to the event ..consumer day is June 7th...Design professionals are welcome June 4th - 7th.

Colour Inspiration...

Dream in Colour, I remember in Colour, I love colour.... When I get the opportunity to use it...I love the experience.

My recent Colour Obsession is this deep moody greeny blue colour which looks like it belongs on the feather of a peacock. This colour is comfortable in a Traditional as well as Contemporary setting..wonderful with antique brass hardware or polished nickel.

It contrasts wonderfully against crisp white and lives harmoniously with moody it!

Here are some images I have found to express how much personality this colour can have.

This is a space we created for a Client with whom  we built the house from scratch and staged it for sale...the curtains create a dramatic pop, no one can walk into the space without noticing these velvet panels.

I love the deep rich velvet accent in this beautiful neutral space

So inspiring...this is a gorgeous colourscheme

How wonderful for a set of ceramic pots...looks great against the green

One of my favourite images of an interior vignette..I've had my eye on this for long time.

Elegant...great for a study, family room, basement, bedroom...

This door is gorgeous..any colour would look good..but this one looks FANTASTIC

I LOVE this rug from Weaver and Loom, I imagine it in a room with a white or creamy white sofa, white marble table with brushed gold details.

Below are some colours which fit the criteria...

Benjamin Moore .. Dark Harbor

Benjamin Moore ...Newburg Green

Benjamin Moore....Twilight

Credits are linked to the image...

Palette of the week...

Everyday my email brings me information from suppliers and manufacturers which highlight new products or additions to their repertoire.

Today I got an email from Threadcount which is a Canadian fabric supplier who focuses on bringing quality natural fiber fabrics to the design industry.

Known for their subtle and sophisticated palettes, I love this collection which came in to my inbox as 'Shifting Sands....palette of the week' selected by Allie.. it is fresh, crisp and clean.

One Sofa Two Looks..

It's been almost a month since I last time the mean time, I've had lots happening...which I will update in the next the mean time, here is a fun post.

I'll be creating a feature called "Double Take" with Canadian Home Trends Magazine which is a quarterly magazine featuring many creative and inspiring designs and advice columns from my fellow design peers.

Here is the first one we put together..One Sofa Two looks...see more information in the 2015 Spring issue on stands till end of July..

Thank you to Zilli Home Interiors , Homesense, Khorani and East Forest homes for collaborating with us.

My initial sketch to work out the plan in my head..

This was was the Casual Luxe look..Navy Blue and Gold are an instant 'dose of luxury'...the graphic pattern and reflective finishes bring a dose of eclectic sophistication.

A sketch for the second look......


This was our Rustic Chic look..I was aiming for a casual look which still had sophistication and elegance by adding textures and a dash of colour.

Here are the pages from the magazine...

Thoughts about what it means to be a Designer.

I recently posted an image from a past job on Instagram and Facebook...I shared a solution which I had come up with for a client in an entry foyer of a condo. The client listed a number of wishes and wants, we addressed the challenges.

The solution was to design a solution which truly addressed all the concerns without any sacrifice on the part of aesthetics or harmony with the existing structure.


The response to the post was very positive and I'm glad I inspired some to think outside of the box when it comes to resolving challenges with interior spaces and everyday life..but that all made me think and ponder, 'what does it mean for me to be a Designer"?

Design to me is resolving ergonomic, spacial and lifestyle issues which people have with their environments. It means resolving problems creatively, with knowledge of what 'works' and why it is about affecting peoples' lives profoundly, improving their health, their relationships, their comfort and daily lives, it is a responsibility Not to be taken lightly. 

It all begins with how the 'designer' resolves the issues, how the solutions are attained and how they impact the users of the space....Design is not Decoration, but both disciplines must live harmoniously together.

Form follows Function..lesson one in University. 


Zen...Is it Beachy Mexico or Earthy Bali?

This week a Client called me to come back to her home..she is ready to get another project started. It is always such an honor to be called back to continue the journey of evolving clients spaces over the years.

When we met, I realized that we had both changed, we are both in a different place which will allow us to truly enjoy the process of creating a ZEN space for her. We will be starting with the entry and main bath..then moving to the living room , dining and the kitchen...I'm looking forward to the journey...having said all that...the meeting left me with a question...what does Zen really mean.

She was very clear as to what it means to her....and it was not the usual beachy , blue and bright is warm, natural, creamy and tactile....our final inspiration word..NOURISHING! I love it..inspirations are already flowing and I am building a Pintrest page to build the inspiration and mood of the project. We are aiming for a warm and soothing energy ..

Here are some contrasts of Zen Inspirations..One is more of a Japanese/ Bali mood..the other is more Mexico or Caribbean mood.. Which one are you?

Images link to the image source.

Below are my colour and texture inspirations.. Stay tuned for more as the project progresses...

Renovation and Steak..what do they have in common?

It's a strange title..but here is what I told my Client this week..Renovating is like preparing a great piece of will enjoy the meal better if you do not see the process of getting the steak to your plate...yes, a cow gets killed in the process and it is not a pretty sight.!

The Renovation process is's messy, its stressful, nerve wracking...generally a rough ride..however, if planned properly, the result is well worth the ride. This is what we do for our clients..we deal with the 'prep of steak' so that the end result is satisfying and tasteful.

This week my Client came home to the ugly part of the process...I warned him..he told me  he's a vegetarian so the analogy was understandable..but he never has to deal with that thought..LOL.

I got the point across though and we got through it together..he will have a wonderful space which is exactly what he wanted and that to me is SUCCESS.

The master ensuite is coming along quite nicely....our goal was to create a contemporary, elegant and masculine space which felt more spacious and luxurious.

Items such as a linear drain, large porcelaine tiles which look like onyx, dolomite on the floor, vanities in  exotic wood ( eucalyptus) and high gloss white are the ingredients for a fabulous bathroom.

The main bathroom is being transformed by replacing the tub with a shower. Dark textured floors in a dark textured 18 x 36 tile create bold contrast. We added a herringbone tile in a deep grey colour which creates a wonderful tension of traditional elegance with contemporary simplicity as it contrasts with the 4 x 16 high gloss subway tile.

I think I'm looking forward to the reveal more than my Client..